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This project is moving so fast. My soundtrack to the Chinese romantic comedy No Marriage has just been released.

No Marriage Sndtrck


Currently scoring the quirky, fun and edgy Chinese romantic comedy No Marriage. Writing an orchestral score, groovy cues and witty songs.

No Marriage Poster


It is so exciting to be part of director Anahita Ghazvinizadeh They that is having its International Premiere today at the Cannes Film Festival. Running in the Camera d'Or competition.




I am very proud to announce the soundtrack release with Howlin' Wolf Records of The Sand and Sonata. two different scores, The Sand is frantic and colored, whereas Sonata is lyrical and somber.
It was fun to promote the release at Dark Delicacies in Burbank with Marco Beltrami(Logan, Snowpiercer), and Charles Bernstein( A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cujo).



I am enjoying so much scoring Zhan Wang's sexy, funny, and daring Massage Room 4.


Composing is a lonely art, especially when scoring Angelo Perrino's Alone.:-)


Scoring the US trailer for a French movie with Berenice Bejo and Yvan attal, The Last Diamond. That is a tough one to score.

The Last


Having fun scoring the trailer to the movie Mansion Family Vacation.

Manson Family Vacataion


I am very excited to be scoring Zhan Wang's smart, fun, and deep Styx Inn.



I am currently scoring a trailer to the movie 7 Minutes.



I am currently scoring a trailer to the movie Match.



I am very excited to anounce that this Thursday the 30h, 2014, Howlin' Wolf Records released the soundtrack to Collapse. It is a highly visceral and experimental soundtrack and one of my best effort to date.


I am currently scoring the trailer for the Lionsgate release of The Master.

The Master


I am currently scoring the trailer for the Lionsgate release of 7 Assassins.


Scoring two last minute commercials in a row for Direct TV.


It is very exciting to be scoring Isaac Gabaeff's latest film The Sand starring Jamie Kennedy. The movie was shot in the beautiful sand of Hawaii.


I am currently scoring the trailer for the Lionsgate release of Gingerclown 3D.


I am currently scoring the trailer to Matt Eskandari latest action movie Game of Assassins.


I am currently scoring the trailer to Sarah Smick latest comedy Friended to Death.

                        to Death


I am illustrating a new watch collection from Rolex that uniquely combines steel and gold(Yellow Rolesor).


I had the most humble honor of meeting with a key figure of Chinese Cinema, director/producer Tian-Ming Wu. Known as the godfather to the Fifth Generation of Chinese directors (Yimou Zhang, Kaige Chen, Zhuangzhuang Tian). 25 years ago I saw Red Sorghum and The Horse Thief when there were screening in the indie theatre of my hometown, and today I am excited like a kid to be associated to the same project.



At the Premiere of The Black Russian with its lead actor Amar Sidhu and post-production supervisor Hiram Chan.

TransparentThe Black Russian Premiere


Sharon Stone talks about the documentary Femme with Piers Morgan on CNN. I hope she didn't dare talk over my music like she did in the movie.:-)

TransparentFemme CNN


Working on a videogame from London.


Scoring Lijie Feng's Off the Record about the tensions in western China between Uighur and Han communities.


It is a royal pleasure to be part of USA Network medical drama Royal Pains as I've just learned that they featured some of my music.

Royal Pains


The UNO is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the UN Office of the High Commissionner for Human Rights. I am honored to score this project that will feature US First Lady Michelle Obama, Bono, Shakira, Denzel Washington, Sting, Kevin Prince Boateng, George Clooney, Ricky Martin, Salma Hayek, and Angelique Kidjo.


We have just concluded two years of research on the Project SSMN (Spatialization Symbolic Music Notation). In summary, the goal was to develop the notation of movement of music in 3 dimensions, and to develop a software to move sounds in space. The project was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the most important Swiss agency promoting scientific research. The project was developed in collaboration with the ICST (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology) at the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. I was the composer of the SSMN team.


Experimenting with a new approach on a new watch collection of Rolex that will be presented at Baselworld 2013.


Another fruitful collaboration with director Emmanuel Itier's whose new documentary Femme features 100 women from around the world (Sharon Stone, Ricky Lee Jones, Mira Nair).


Amazing promotional work from my French representation, Melmax Music.


I am excited to be working again for the UNO. This time a campaign to promote voting entitled "My Voice Counts".


I am so thrilled to have been picked to score Amar Sidhu's The Black Russian. An intense drama about self-discovery that takes us from Los Angeles to the mountains of the India-Pakistan border. Orchestral and dubstep music will underscore the movie.


Nando Rohner interviewed me for DEADLINE magazine concurring with the release of Chain Letter in Germany. It was a very fun interview as you can notice, the comment (lacht), in English laughs, appears quite a lot at the end of my answers. Download Article.



I am excited to be scoring One United Nations in Geneva. A documentary that explains the role of the different branches of the organisation in Geneva.



It is humbling to be scoring a movie about a very discrete but effective charity with renowned French actor Michel Boujenah narrating. Amazing people helping others in the shadow.


I am very excited to anounce that this Friday the 13th, 2012, Howlin' Wolf Records released the score to Last Breath. It is a highly dramatic soundtrack and one of my best effort to date. I will be greatful forever to everybody who made it happen.


Rolex decided to join James Cameron's attempt to break the world record of deep sea diving by attaching their Deep Sea Challenge experimental watch to his bathyscaphe. I am proud to be able to join the adventure securely from my studio where I will be scoring their movies about the expedition. Enjoy the first movie.


I will soon be scoring Christopher Richardson's exciting movie entitled My Politics, My Country. The story is not what it seems to be.


Today the Swiss newspaper La Tribune de Genève publishes a fine and faithful article by Luca Sabbatini that enchants me. Download Article.


It is exciting to anounce that the release of my soundtrack to Last Breath by Howlin' Wolf Records is set to April 13, 2012.


Preparing the release of the soundtrack to Last Breath with Howlin' Wolf Records.


It is always exciting to be living in such a cosmopolitan city as Los Angeles is, as I am currently scoring 2 commercials for Direct TV, one in Korean and one in Chinese.


Bruce Heppner-Elgin, the producer of Collapse that I scored earlier this year, was so pleased with the music that he decided to hire me again on the last movie he wrote and directed entitled The Offering. I am very touched and honored by the appreciation and trust and hope to fulfill his expectations once again on his exciting project.


Last Breath's soundtrack was awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence in Original Music for a Feature Film at the 2011 Park City Film Music Festival. I could not be happier with this score since it is the third Prize that it has been earning.


The score that I wrote to Last Breath garnered its second Prize as it was awarded the Bonehead Award for Best Movie Soundtrack at the 2011 Bare Bones International Film Festival.


Last Breath that I had the chance to score won Best Feature and Best Score at the 2011 Garden State Film Festival. Those are such exciting pieces of news as the movie will be released on DVD April 13 2011.


I have just started scoring the amazing feature film entitled Collapse. Co-directors Jason Bolinger and Insane Mike Saunders rehearsing with Chris Mulkey(Cloverfield, North Country, Rambo).


We have just finished mixing the score to the Rolex movie with The Lord of the Rings recording engineer John Kurlander and assistant Sam Okell at the legendary Abbey Road Studios(The Beatles, Star Wars, Avatar) in snowy London. John did a spectacular mix where one can hear crystal clear the subtle performance of the large orchestra and choir.


The score to the Rolex promotional movie has just been recorded in Seattle at Bastyr's St. Thomas Chapel with the very large Academy Award winning orchestra of Seattlemusic made of 85 amazingly refined players and a not smaller choir of 96 goose bump inducing singers. The recording is simply a jewel; beautiful and, I must say, HUUUGE sounding!


Orchestrator/music preparator Robert Puff, myself, music recordist Brian Valentino and recording engineer/mixer John Kurlander.


I have been hired by Caravan Productions to score a Rolex promotional movie that will be shown in Shangaï for the next 4 years. The movie will be shown on a 330-degree screen, so in order to create a unique experience we have decided with The Lord of the Rings recording engineer John Kurlander to give to the audience the impression that they will be seating in the middle of the orchestra.


I am very proud to have been part in the making of The Invocation, whose narrator Sharon Stone accepted on behalf of the cast the Humanitarian Award at The Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Film Festival 2010. Director Emmanuel Itier and Sharon Stone gave a humbling speech of acceptance.


The interview that French Morning made with me is now online.


Chain Letter, that I scored earlier this year, will hit the theaters October 1, 2010. You can discover the trailer to this breathtaking horror/thriller here. The movie is featuring Nikki Reed(Twilight), Brad Dourif(LOTR), Betsy Russell(SAW), Keith David(Armageddon) and Ling Bai(Crank).


I have been scoring 3 commercials for a few new satellite service bundles by Direct TV.


Dark House, featuring Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond,...), is the winner of Fangoria's FrightFest Horror 2010. The movie will open in theatres July 30, 2010.


Vincent is working for Vinz again. Down This Road is the latest exciting movie by New York director Vinz Feller. I will be at work on it very soon.


World #1 tennis player Roger Federer's TV commercial for Nationale Suisse foleyed, sound designed and scored by myself earlier this year can be found online.


I have just finished scoring the first part of Obake that was shot in Hawaii. The second part of this ghost legend will be shot this Summer in Los Angeles.


Manufacture Roger Dubuis's new 'Excalibur' watch series is launching with a commercial that I scored and produced by Sacha Aranicki of Caravan Productions. You can watch the result online here.


I am currently scoring 3 very fun promotionals for new satellite service bundles by Direct TV. They are a spoof of James Bond.


Spike Lee congratulates producers Howard and Gordon Green(unrelated) for their well-deserved "Best Thriller" Award for Machete Joe at the San Diego Black Film Festival 2010. I had an amazing time scoring their movie.


2010 starts strong. I have only 20 days to score Chain Letter. The movie is featuring Nikki Reed, Brad Dourif, Betsy Russell, Keith David and Ling Bai. It is my second collaboration with Deon Taylor for whom I scored Dead Tone (pictures below) a couple of years ago. The score will be a mix of orchestra and electronics featuring a rich "metallic" soundscape.


World #1 tennis player Roger Federer is the center of the TV commercial I am scoring for Nationale Suisse. The project is in the middle of the CGI process as I have just finished my 10th musical approach on it. We will have the chance to see Federer in a very unusual situation.


I am currently scoring three teasers, one for each candidate, for the new game show of Direct TV.


I am very honored to have been chosen by renowned director Mark L Lester to collaborate on his latest project entitled Groupie. Mark L Lester directed such classics as Commando, Firestarter, Class of 1984, and Armed and Dangerous.


Vincent has 21 days to deliver the score to the thriller Groupie featuring Eric Roberts.


Obake is a movie written and directed by Jules Aguimatang that Vincent will be scoring soon. Obake means Ghost in Japanese, and the legend is happening in Hawaï.


Vincent is scoring four teasers for a new game show by Direct TV.


Regularly at this link, Vincent will be offering tracks to download for free. To start up, 3 tracks from a superb movie entitled Death as a Tango.


Second and very exciting collaboration with director Franz-Josef Holzer on his latest crime, a children sci-fi entitled Un Petit Pas(A Small Step).


Vincent is in preparation for the release of his seventh soundtrack, Cut Off (Malcolm McDowell, Faye Dunaway, Ann Archer, Thomas Ian Nicholas). The great Luis M Rojas will design the cover once again. Extra tracks, the score to a short movie entitled We Take Care of Our Own will also appear on the album.


Soon in a Swiss theater near you, a commercial for the Centre Medico-Dentaire Balexert that Vincent scored for Caravan Productions.


Vincent is now represented by one of the 3 big-league film composer agencies, First Artists Management (Brokeback Mountain, Matrix, Twilight, Little Miss Sunshine, Wedding Crashers, Body of Lies,...).


Soundtrack columnist John Mansell's extensive interview of Vincent is now available online. Mr Mansell also reviewed several of his soundtracks, God's Waiting List, L'Ecart, Quelques Jours Avant la Nuit, and The Irish Vampire Goes West.


Randall D Larson's thorough interview of Vincent can be read in the January 2, 2009 edition of Randall Larson's Soundtrax column.


Vincent has just scored 3 movies in the last 4 months. He is officialy out of ideas.


Izabela Rieben's and Sami Ben Youssef's Tango Lola, that Vincent scored, has been nominated for The Quartz, the major Swiss awards ceremony.


Vincent will soon be scoring Dark House, featuring Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond,...).


Vincent will be scoring J. Jesse Smith's new romantic comedy I Do... I Did! featuring Cherie Johnson, and Antwon Tanner (Coach Carter, Brother,...).


ScreenSounds film music columnist Jeff Hall has reviewed every soundtrack released by Vincent. You can check out the reviews at ScreenSounds.


Vincent has been hired to score Machete Joe, featuring Austin Stoker (Assault on Precinct 13, Airport 1975, Battle for the Planet of the Apes,...), and Ernie Hudson (Dragonball: Evolution, Miss Congeniality, Ghostbusters 3, The Crow,...).


Legendary soundtrack critique Randall D Larson has reviewed Vincent's soundtracks to The Irish Vampire Goes West in his column at You can read his detailed review online.


Music From The Movies' busiest soundtrack expert Michael Beek has reviewed Vincent's soundtracks to The Irish Vampire Goes West. You can read his excellent review online.


Vincent's soundtracks to The Irish Vampire Goes West has just been released by Spheris Records. The CD is now available on Vincent's website, CD Baby, Screen Archives Entertainment, and Intrada in the USA, Au Paradoxe Perdu, Chris Soundtrack Corner and Rosebud Cinema Shop in Europe, and Ark Soundtrack Square in Japan. The score is also available in MP3 format on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and many other online stores.


Vincent is currently scoring the animated comedy Tango Lola directed by Izabela Rieben and Sami Ben Youssef, and produced by Xavier Ruiz and Diane Duperret for Tarantula Productions.


Vincent's soundtracks to Quelques Jours Avant La Nuit has just been released by Spheris Records. The CD is now available on Vincent's website, CD Baby, Screen Archives Entertainment, and Intrada in the USA, Au Paradoxe Perdu, Chris Soundtrack Corner and Rosebud Cinema Shop in Europe, and Ark Soundtrack Square in Japan. The score is also available in MP3 format on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and many other online stores.


Vincent is currently scoring the drama Max written and directed by Jean-Paul Cardinaux, and produced by Xavier Ruiz and Sandra K'Bourch for Tarantula Productions.


Vincent will be scoring the ingenious Last Breath written and directed by Ty Jones, and produced by Aaron Laue.


Vincent's score to L'Ecart has been awarded the Silver Medal for Best Impact of Music in a Feature Film at the 2008 Park City Film Music Festival.


Vincent has been chosen to score Simon Edelstein's dark-humored thriller Quelques Jours Avant La Nuit (A Few Days Before Night), produced by Olivier Talpain for Aïe Productions.


Vincent is the guest of Sonotone, the blog of Luca Sabbatini in the Swiss newspaper, La Tribune de Genève.


Vincent's soundtracks to Pray For Morning, God's Waiting List, L'Ecart, and The Appearance of Things have just been released by Spheris Records. Those four scores are now available in CD or MP3 format on Vincent's website, CD Baby, and iTunes.


Vincent will soon be scoring writer Gordon Greene's currently untitled project directed by Lee Strasberg's Institute instructor Sasha Krane.


Vincent's score to Pray For Morning was awarded the Moondance Columbine Award for best score at the Moondance International Film Festival 2007.


Vincent is finishing the score to the brand new comedy show La Tribu directed by Patrick Léger and produced by Xavier Ruiz of Tarantula Productions for the Swiss Television channel TSR. To be broadcasted in September in prime time.

Vincent is currently scoring Pegarty Long's horror/fantasy tale The Irish Vampire Goes West shot in beautiful Irish locations.

Vincent's score to Pray For Morning is a finalist of the 2007 Moondance International Festival in the best Film Score category. Two other scores of his, L'Ecart and The Appearance of Things, made it to the semi-final of the competition. The winner will be anounced during the festival in September.


Vincent has been hired to score 7eventy 5ive for directors Brian Hooks (Soul Plane) and Deon Taylor, starring Rutger Hauer, Cherie Johnson, and Antwon Tanner. Executive-produced by Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

Vincent has been hired to score Hidetoshi Oneda's new fantasy entitled Tengu Gaiden. It is their second collaboration.
Vincent has been invited to host a seminar about the endless ways of scoring a movie at the Park City Film Music Festival 2007.
Vincent will be scoring Geoffrey Schaaf's sci-fi movie Portal.
Vincent has been hired to score Jim Tassopoulos's The Appearance of Things, an intricate art house movie set around the rehearsals of Oscar Wilde's Salome.

Vincent is currently scoring the Swiss movie L'Ecart a psychological thriller about a husband who doesn't "recognize" his wife anymore, he thinks that someone else is "playing" her.  Is he crazy or is it the reality?  Directed by Locarno International Film Festival award winner Franz Josef Holzer.


Vincent has been hired to score Mark L Smith's horror movie Séance about a group of college students who, in an attempt to rid their dorm of a troublesome little girl ghost, inadvertently brings back the little girl's killer.

Vincent is currently doing an orchestral arrangement of Metallica's Master of Puppets album to be released in October.
Vincent has been awarded the Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Film Music Composition for Independent Films at the 2006 Park City Film Music Festival.
Vincent has just been hired on Candy Stripers, a tongue-in-cheek comedy produced by Suzanne Lyons and directed by Kate Robbins.
The Jury has awarded, for the first time unanimously, the S U I S A Prize for Best Score at the 58th Locarno International Film Music Festival to Vincent's soundtrack God's Waiting List.
Vincent has been hired by director Xavier  Ruiz of the Swiss hit Neutre to score his  documentary DESIGNsuisse about designer Yves Behar commissioned by the Swiss Television TSR.
Vincent is currently scoring Cut Off, a "Bonnie & Clyde" story directed by Gino Cabanas, featuring Malcolm McDowell.